Google announced If you can find a bug in this version of Android, you get an additional 50% bonus. As a result, $ 1.5 million will be awarded as prize money. Google is offering $ 7.1 crore ($ 1.5 million) to security researchers who can find a bug in their Pixel phones.

The Google Bug Bounty program promises to be a great gift for anyone who can go into Google’s Titan M “Secure Element”.

Similar to Apple’s iPhone Secure Element, the ‘Titan M’ is one of those types of security offerings. ‘Titan M’ is a security chip that automatically scans hackers trying to get malware into an Android phone while it is on.

When Google first introduced the Bug Bounty program for Android, the largest Bug Bounty reward was $ 38,000, which is $ 27,28,118. Researchers with a security research track record of high-quality systems on any platform are eligible to apply, and this is a great opportunity to earn up to $ 1 million.

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